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Lisa’s Place Salon offers hair design services to bring versatility and excitement to the way you look and feel. Our salon is working hard to offer you the best services and products with the latest trends in haircutting, coloring and our massage services.

“The finishing touch to enhance your natural beauty.”


list of services

All prices are subject to change without notice.

Hair Treatments starting at

Express Deep Conditioning ($10.00)
We customize a conditioning treatment for your specific hair needs.

Deep Shine Treatments ($15.00)
An ultra shine conditioning treatment to ensure your shiniest hair yet!

NIOXIN Thinning Hair Treatment ($55.00)
In your consult we will establish the perfect Nioxin System for your hair loss needs! Following your treatment we will provide you with a Nioxin Starter Kit.

Malibu Wellness Mineral Treatment ($40.00)
For those of our clients with hard water mineral deposits on their hair, a vitamin based treatment designed to eliminate mineral build up.

Beach Blonde Brightening Treatment ($40.00)
For those of our clients with bright blonde locks! This treatment removes any excess product, water and chlorine stains. Followed by our Miracle Repair conditioning treatment.

Hair Care starting at

Haircuts and Styles

Shampoo, Haircut and Style ($45.00)

Shampoo, Haircut, Style and Flat Iron or Curl ($55.00)

Shampoo and Haircut only ($32.00)

Haircut and Style (40.00)

Children’s Haircut

Girl’s ($22.00)

Boy’s ($16.00)

Styling Options

Shampoo and Roller Set ($15.00)

Shampoo and Style ($35.00)

Updo/Curl Style ($70.00)

Bridal Design ($85.00)

Hair Colors

Single Process ($55.00)

Custom Color ($75.00)

Color Glaze ($40.00)

MENZ ($30.00)

Beard and Mustache + ($10.00)

Partial Foil Highlights ($60.00)

Partial Foil Dual Color ($70.00)

Partial Foil Tri Color ($75.00)

Full Foil Highlights ($90.00)

Full Foil Dual Color ($105.00)

Full Foil Tri Color ($115.00)

Color Correction ($90.00)

Eyebrow Tint ($15.00)

Texture Systems

Perm ($60.00)

Spiral Perm ($75.00)

Texture Fusion ($65.00)

Chemical Relaxer ($95.00)

Keratin Smoothing Treat ($130.00)

Lashes and Make-Up starting at

Makeup Application ($25.00)

Bridal Application ($35.00)

Makeup Instruction ($35.00)

Airbrush Makeup Application ($40.00)

Bridal Airbrush Makeup Application ($50.00)

Cluster Eyelash Extensions ($30.00)

Cluster Fill ($15.00)

Strip Lash Application ($10.00)

Hair Removal starting at

Eyebrow ($10.00)

Lip ($6.00)

Chin ($6.00)

Neck ($6.00)

Full Face ($25.00)

Nostrils ($10.00)

Massage Therapy

Swedish Massage (½ hr $45.00 1 hr $70.00)
A relaxing, soothing massage. Long gliding strokes and deeper kneading of the muscles are incorporated to relax muscle tension, free the mind and reduce stress.

Deep Tissue Massage ($75.00)
A massage similar to a Swedish massage but is used to target knots and release chronic muscle tension. This massage also reduces inflammation and helps eliminate scar tissue.

Warm Stone Massage ($90.00)
A 90 minute session that melts away tension, eases muscle stiffness, increases circulation and increases metabolism. This therapy is ideal for muscle aches, back pain, stress and anxiety, poor circulation, Rheumatic and arthritic conditions and Fibromyalgia.

Maternity Massage ($75.00)
A safe, supportive and relaxing massage for the mother-to-be. Therapists certified in prenatal massage help bring ease and comfort to this special time.

Sports Massage ($75.00)
A specialty targeted pre or post sports massage, this treatment focuses on those specific muscle groups important to peak sports performance. Designed to help prepare you for the physical demands of such sports as golf or tennis, promote optimal performance and enhance recovery.